Traveling and discovering the beautiful world around has been a hobby that the majority of people have and love to do. Some travel to have fun and break from the hectic routine of their lives, while some travel to explore new places, discovering something new and adventurous.

A YouTuber named Rich Aloha went on a trip to explore the famous Foster Falls State Park in Sequatchie, Tennessee. He had planned on going for scuba diving and treasure hunting in the waterfalls but instead what he would find under the water is something more mysterious than anything we could ever imagine, which will not only change his but two more lives after the revelation that the finding will make.

Rich Aloha

Rich is a Florida based YouTuber who loves going on new adventures like diving and hiking. And he records his expeditions every time, to upload them on his YouTube channel. He had always expected his Youtube page would change his life, but not in a way it would turn out to be. 


On the occasion of his 27th birthday, Rich decided to take a trip to Tennessee, and discover the Foster Falls. Little did he know that this trip would be very different and mysterious, unlike any other trip. 


Rich Aloha had started his Youtube channel in 2009, sharing pictures and videos of his traveling experiences. The very first place he had made a video of his experience in, was Wekiwa Springs, State Park. 


Aloha’s partner in all his journeys he has ever taken since his Youtube channel has been constant. It is his cat he takes along everywhere, every time. And so like every other place, he took his cat to Foster Falls as well. 


In 2019, Rich decided to go diving and experience a place that is famous among people for the picturesque view that it has and the vast swimming area that it provides, with its 60-foot high waterfalls. 


The water in the foster falls is so deep that it can be dangerous to go spend time in the waters if you do not know swimming. And because of the deep pool, people have dropped and lost a lot of things in the water, which is settled down and never found again.