Archeologists also found sunken boats under the water and the walls had graffiti on them, probably dated back to 1756, where on one of the wells is the name W Baker imbibed, who must have been a worker. 

A Punt

A very distinct thing found by the experts was the remains of a motorized punt which was from the 1930s. The experts say that it must have been accessible to boats in the early 20th century. 

Time Paused

A spokesperson for Blenheim Palace commented, “Many of the rooms, especially the lower rooms, haven’t been accessed since they were flooded. That is until now. It is cavernous inside. When you see things like sunken boats inside it is like time has stood still.”


The spokesperson also told, “We don’t know what the two tunnels we have found were built for and where they lead to as they are blocked off after about 30 meters. They are 1.5-meters high which would suggest they were not designed for people. We haven’t yet been able to identify the names graffitied on the walls but the assumption is that they were workmen here.”


The work for the bridge has been costing a huge amount of money since it was planned and put into action. The dredging of the lake alone had cost £6 million. The repair work of the bridge would cost £3.5 million. 


The slits in the man-made lakes used to build by just 1cm or 2cm every year, which was never a matter of concern. But in 2007, due to extreme weather conditions, the slits rose by 20cm in one year and had been increasing since, causing all the problems.