Best Work

The garden at Blenheim is the most significant landscape among the works of Capability’s career, which is also considered the pinnacle of his career history. And since then there has been a secret hiding under the deep water of the lakes.


The Palace is the home to the 11th Duke and Duchess of Marlborough in the present. When the work came into progress to save the bridge, it revealed something so huge that every archeologist was stunned. 


When the archeologists lowered the level of water to examine the rigidity of the bridge, they made the discovery of a lifetime, which everyone was unaware of. Under the bridge, hidden inside the lakes’ water were thirty secretive rooms!


Brown had flooded these thirty rooms and nobody ever knew about them. The walls of all the rooms were plastered which meant that humans used to live in them. A lot of owned stuff was also found in the rooms, which was years old. 

Vanbrugh’s Intelligence

When Vanbrugh said he wanted to make the “viaduct habitable”, he meant to do so with the thirty rooms that he built under the bridge, which still have eerie remains that belonged to the people who had their homes in those rooms. 


It was unbelievable to see belongings like chimneys, fireplaces, and cooking assortments hidden underwater for more than a quarter of a millennium.  The team has also found secret tunnels in the rooms.