The Plan

To see what the bridge would be like if there was no water at all in the lakes, experts planned to lower the water level by six and a half feet and groundwater wells and siphons were installed to operate. But this operation would also reveal the hidden secret. 

First World War

The Palace has been much more than a place to live for Churchill and his family and much more than a tourist attraction. During the first World War, Blenheim Palace was used as a convalescence hospital for all the brave soldiers who were wounded in the war. 

Second World War

During the second World War, between 1939 and 1940, Malvern College was to be evacuated due to security purposes for the safety of the students and more than 400 boys were evacuated to the Palace where even their classes took place for one year. 

Tourist Attraction

The beautiful and eye-catching Palace was not opened for public entrance into the premises until 1950. But nobody has ever known about what is hidden under the bridge on which thousands and millions of tourists have been. 

‘Capability’ Brown

Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown was so named because of his clients. He would convince clients of the great so-called ‘capability’ that their estates had for improvements in their landscapes. He is considered one of the greatest gardeners England ever had. 


Brown would altogether change the 18th-century look of the house gardens and convert them to something else. That is what he did to Blenheim Palace as well. He would remove all “formal planting” and would replace it with a so-called idealized “natural landscape”.