Do we take notice of the sounds that engulf us everyday? The rush of footsteps, infectious laughter, the slow drip of water, muted roar of traffic, rain on the windowpane, a sharp sigh. And then there are sounds which we can neither explain nor understand. Perhaps, the sound of something lurking between the walls of a house?

For 13 years, Jerry and Sylvia Lynn are haunted by an odd sound inside their house in Pensylvania. Neither of them can understand what it is or where it is coming from. The eerie fact is that it begins every night at the same time. And then one day, when the bizarre vibrations of the sound escalated, Jerry decided to seek help and find the source behind the alien sound. Little did they know, they are in for a massive surprise.

Ross Township

On a crisp winter morning in Ross Township, Pensylvania, Jerry and Sylvia Lynn were seated in their back yard having their morning tea. For the first time in weeks, the sun was out shining brightly. Sylvia poured herself another cup of tea, while Jerry was reading the paper basking in the sunlight. 

Old Lovers

A comfortable silence was nestled between the two, after being married to each other for decades they sometimes run out of things to talk about. Jerry met Sylvia when they were just a couple of teenagers. Sylvia went to a school across the road and Jerry found himself admiring the new girl in town. 

Married For Decades

A hesitant question for coffee gave Jerry an excuse to meet her outside school. The one-time thing became a frequent event. And 40 years later, they were here having their cup of tea together. Sylvia came to know that Jerry is a man of few words and she respected that. Sometimes, love doesn’t need a lot of words. 

Retired Clerk

Ever since Jerry retired from his job at the bank, he and Sylvia have had the chance to spend more time together. They even went traveling, covered all those trips he might have canceled before. It was his way of apologizing for putting work before her. The hardest part was that Sylvia never complained, which somehow made him more guilty. 


The couple decided to have a lazy day, which was spent doing nothing in particular. Sylvia spent some time gardening, while Jerry finished his book. They both had different hobbies and enjoyed them individually. But there was one thing they enjoyed doing together, it was cooking. Every night, ever since his retirement, Jerry made dinner with Sylvia. 

Spooked Out

Jerry was done setting the table as Sylvia bought out the prepared meal. Tonight it was grilled BBQ chicken with some stir-fried veggies. The couple was halfway through dinner when an odd sound went off in the room. Sylvia felt her heart jump. Even after all this time, she still got spooked out by this unbearable sound.