Life can get hard for anyone and animals are no exception to it, not even this cute little kitten. You might be surprised to know that a massive number of 7.6 million animals are brought to the animal¬†shelters across the USA every year and half of them are cats. Astonishing, isn’t it? Not everyone ends up being adopted as the number we just mentioned is anything but ordinary. So the question is what happens to the remaining ones? Unfortunately, as much as 1.4 million animals are euthanized every year. Will this little kitten meet the same fate or the future that awaits him is much better? Read this heart touching story to find out.


This little kitten was only a couple of days old when he was first found crying on the street. The cat was all alone and no one was by his side. He sat near a trash can in a back alley and kept on crying as if he had been abandoned. It was hard to tell whether he was once a pet as he didn’t have any leash on or anything that would assure the fact. Was it a stray cat or his previous owner had abandoned him?

Not Looking Good

Luckily for the kitten, a volunteer who worked at the animal shelter spotted him while he was out there on his own. He looked good, neither physically nor emotionally. He appeared to be weak and was perhaps starving for hours. In the first look, the volunteer could tell that the kitten needed help and he decided to take him with him to the animal shelter where he would be better than he was at the time.

Animal Shelter

The kitten was brought to the animal shelter with the thought that he would be better with other animals around to accompany him. He wouldn’t feel alone around other cats and humans to take care of him but the little kitten kept crying and never stopped. The potential foster pet owners who visited the animal shelter wouldn’t adopt him because they thought that he was too vulnerable as he kept crying. Was there anyone who would take the responsibility of this cat or euthanizing him was the only option left now?


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It’s heartbreaking to see anyone cry and it was more devastating for the people at the animal shelter to constantly see the cat suffer and not know why he was crying. They were unaware of the kitten’s emotions and they couldn’t think of anything that would bring comfort to him. They had never witnessed anything like that before and they were clueless about how to stop him from crying.

An Angel

The people at the shelter were taking proper care of the cat and they were determined to bring a change in the kitten’s life. They would feed the kitten on time and even tried to play and interact with him but there were many animals out there and they couldn’t just shift all their focus on him. Although, this little kitten was still crying and if they couldn’t get him an owner then euthanizing him was the only way out. When every door was closed for this little cat, someone walked into his life like an angel and what happened next brought a smile on everyone’s face.

Crying for Attention

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It was one day when things won’t remain the same and the poor kitten’s life would take a 180 in the most unexpected way possible. What most people didn’t like about this kitten would change her life forever. The crying which was a barrier in the adoption process until now would magically attract someone who visited the animal shelter for the first time. So what happened next and who was this person who would immediately fall in love with this crying kitten.