Let’s Meet

After talking for days, Mike and Laurin could not find any reason to meet in person. They were already so much into each other that not meeting each other in person was something they could not resist. They decided to meet over a cup of coffee. Laurin in a teasing manner even asks Mike if it was a date? They both chuckled and were looking forward to their “first-ever-meet”.

The Awaited Date

Laurin and Michael for the first time met in person over a cup of coffee. Though they have seen each other in pictures, meeting in real was altogether a different feel. Their date wasn’t any pre-planned lavish affair but was a very normal one. However, the only thing special about it was, the duo knew they wanted to meet again and again.

Love Is In The Air

Laurin and Michael were sure after their first meet that they were meant for each other. They could connect on an instant and their thinking and ways to life were similar. That was it. They both were impressed by each other and somehow could see their soulmates in each other face. While love was in the air, they both shared something not so great about their past lives as well.

The Dark Past

The time when Mike and Laurin grew close, Laurin was diagnosed with stage two of breast cancer. She was sure that as her health condition is this critical, Mike would refuse for a future together. Cancer is often referred to as the incurable disease where the chances of the person making to survival are thin. Laurin asked herself, why would he fall in love with me on knowing that my life is uncertain. What would be Michael’s reaction to this?

We’ll Fight

 Laurin gathered all her courage and decided to break this news to Mike in their next meeting. And when she told Mike, as expected Michael was taken aback. He was shocked to hear that the girl he was possibly falling in love with was a patient of the deadly disease. Laurin knew somewhere that Mike would break their relation and she was prepared for it. Mike said, “We’ll Fight Together”.

No Thinking Twice

The much-in-love pair didn’t call their relationship off. Mike was ready to accept Laurin in her condition as well. He even helped Laurin with her chemotherapy sessions, during this phase Laurin could see the caring side of Mike. Mike accepted the fact that her illness was a part of Laurin and despite it, he was seeing her in his present and future. Would this illness shatter their dreams?