Every girl for once in her life might have thought of how her wedding day should be. She has had the dreams of celebrating the big day of her life in a manner, no less large than life. Walking down the aisle, wearing that white gown paired with a complementing veil and holding that bouquet of flowers, just imagining this scene can leave behind a big smile on a woman’s face.

A wedding is a bliss that is sealed with a kiss. It’s the day everyone looks up to. Laurin too had dreams, she has been planning her dream wedding since long. And just when she was about to get married, the harsh reality surfaced her for once again. Will the wedding of her dreams fruit into reality or will it be a dream too hard to live?

My Wedding

She was a romantic and delicate hearted since a young age. She has been living the life which was no different than a fairy tale. When she found the love of her life, she realized that she wants to spend the rest of her life with him, she couldn’t wait for her that life to start as soon as possible. Her happiness knew no boundaries as her wedding date came closer, but that happiness soon only faded away when she received a phone call.

Beauty With Brains

Laurin Long was in her mid-twenties. She was a resident of South Carolina. Life was beautiful to her. She was an ambitious woman, after completing the studies she looked for various career options. Soon only she found a good job and went ahead with it. When the life was blossoming at its best she was gifted with another reason to be thankful for it.

Michael Bank

Michael Bank was 34 years when he first met Laurin. He had a job and was residing in South Carolina only. He was a man full of adventure. He has always loved traveling and hiking and trekking expeditions. To him, meeting Laurin was no less than an adventure. Little did the guy know that he will actually have to face life as bravely as he had been facing all the adventures.

Meeting Over Fish

Laurin and Michael met over a dating website called, Plenty of Fish. Back around the beginning of the 21st century, this website popularised among the young and teen blood. They would register themselves up on it and would look for their possible date. Laurin and Michael too did the same not knowing that they would meet the person in their life who would change it forever.

Messaging Craziness

In the couple’s word, it all started with a message. Mike says that he was completely clean bowled when he saw her smile. “The smile that she adorned in her profile picture, attracted me to her profile,” says Mike. It was Mike who messaged her first and their conversation took from some random messages to more flirtatious ones. The duo didn’t realize when their messaging game took over their hearts.

Talking For Hours

Laurin recalls how after sharing a few texts only the duo wanted to know more an more about each other. There was a very different kind of inquisitiveness that compelled them to know each other more and more. The pair started talking over call for hours and hours. As if talking to each other became a routine. When things seemed to be perfect, the duo had to face a part of their past life which they weren’t prepared for.