Marriage is a place where the sun may set but the fear of darkness never settles in. The bond you share with your partner is stronger than any other power in this world. But what if the partner you once knew ceased to be the person they used to be?

Mamie, a 59-year-old woman from Minnesota, has been struggling with her insecurities for a while now. Her husband, who cannot stand the distress on his beautiful wife’s face, would always try to make her feel comfortable in her skin. But aging took all of Mamie’s confidence away. So when her 60th birthday came knocking on their door, her husband was ready to uplift her spirits with a surprise that would take her breath away.

High School Sweetheart

Mamie married her high school sweetheart, which sounds like a naive dream except it wasn’t. She met him when she was just 14, and Mamie never felt the need to look for love anywhere else. He was that boy, who would whistle the Beatles and kiss her before math class. From the very beginning, Mamie was smitten.

Married At 21

If somebody had told the 14-year-old Mamie that she is going to marry the boy in the letterman jacket, the one who has captured her heart, she would have laughed out loud. But it happened. And they have been happily married for the past 40 years.

Mother Of Two

Mamie first became a mother at the young age of 23, and then again at 25. She was blessed with two daughters who are now happily married. One of them is a new mom to a baby boy which makes Mamie the happiest grandmother. She shares a healthy relationship with her daughters to this day.

Busy Mom

Mamie was the busiest when her daughters were young and stayed with her. But after they found a life of their own, Mamie’s life came back to a calm pace. She would spend most of her days reading, watching TV or learning to bake new things for her husband.

Behind The Scene

From her smile, nobody could tell what was going on with Mamie when she was alone. She was not as happy as she pretended to be. Over the past decade, she had aged significantly. Her hair was almost completely grey, her eyes had crow feet in the corners and her beautiful smile would highlight the wrinkles around her mouth.


Mamie had never been the one to have insecurities about her looks. She was beautiful and she knew it. Plus the way her husband looked at her never really left much space for any insecurities to settle in. But things took a shift in the past couple of years when she started noticing the inevitable effects of aging.