There was chaos at the beach. Everyone was running here and there on witnessing a shark so close to them. The sight was obviously a horrifying one. The shark was using her teeth to bite the fisher net and set free. It was a wild being. It seemed as if it was trying to attack the fishermen. While everyone was leaving the beach, the Symonds decided to have a closer look at the scene.

Big Catch Symonds on reaching closer to the shark was shocked at the sight. Dorothy Symonds took a camera and started shooting the sight. The couple was astonished to see that it was not the shark attacking but the two fishermen attacking her. They decided to report the incident. Were the fishermen trying to harm the giant animal for fun? The animal surely needed some help.

Save The Poor

The scene was really distressing. Though the animal was wild it needed help. The men were using needles and rod and net. Symonds was shocked to see the inhumanity of these fishermen. One man even placed the shark between his legs and forcefully opened her jaws. He wasn’t scared of the shark biting him, rather he applied all his force over the shark. The wild creature was in a desperate need of help.


While one man placed the shark between the legs, the other one bought a big rod which had a hook. After pulling apart the jaws the man inserted the rod into the wild beasts mouth. There was utter chaos and Symonds couldn’t stop themselves from questioning the men who were playing with their as well as the shark’s life. And when Symonds questioned the fishermen about what they were up to, they were amazed at the realization…

The Realization

On being questioned about their acts, the fishermen told the Symonds that they were not harming the shark, rather were trying to help her out. The shark was entangled into a fisher net and the line got stuck into her mouth if not taken out can harm her inner linings of the mouth. The shocking encounter suddenly turned into a rescue mission. The shark needed help and not from the fishermen but from the stubborn line.


Symond’s were sorry for what all they were assuming about the fishermen. In a world where humanity is completely draining out, these men were helping an animal. And not just an animal but a wild animal, a shark. Without caring for their lives, they were aiming to rescue the shark. Symonds also wished to help the men and shark.