A Connection

The ring looked beautiful on her finger. She was badly attracted towards it. As if it was breath-taking. She couldn’t take her eyes off this one. The ring looked no less than a luxurious one. As it appeared this pretty, the woman did not know if this artificial one also cost so much that she won’t be able to afford it either. All she knew was there was something drawing her to it.

Better Luck Next Time

The ring’s diamond stone was exceptionally huge. Something which a woman like her could imagine only in her dream. She said to herself that she would save enough money so that she could afford it someday. This ring would serve as a motivation for her to work harder. Little did she know that she would soon be owning it and not that all, it will be the one that would change her life forever.

Only $17

As she asked the price for this ring, she was over the cloud nine. This beautiful, fine diamond ring that looked too expensive merely costs $17. Something that the lady could afford and probably flaunt everywhere she goes. What next? She instantly bought it. However, she had no idea what the days were about to bring for her.

The Unexpected

Right from the moment, she purchased that ring, she had been wearing it. Everyplace she went, the mesmerizingly beautiful ring would shine on her ring finger. She liked it when other women would look at that diamond glorifying her hand. As it was a cheap one, she was never scared of it being lost or stolen. And then one day when she visited the grocery store the unexpected happened.

 Visit Grocery

It was any other day for the Londoner. It was weekend and she decided to restore her refrigerator with some garden fresh fruits and vegetables. She, as usual, visited the grocery store, but this time she had something valuable with her. Her newly bought real-like looking ring. What was meant to be a regular grocery visit, turned out to be a haunting one!

The Mysterious Man

The woman picked up some fruits and some celery and parsley and headed towards the cash counter. While she stood there in the queue, she admired her ring. And when her attention was diverted, she saw a stranger-a man staring at her ring as well. She was getting amused by his attention, but soon only things turned upside-down.