Skilled Soccer Player

So it was a little shocking for her to find him this way because Patrick was never a dirty or untidy guy. In school, no one would have ever thought he would look like this one day“ Patrick, or Hinga as we called him, and I had met at primary school in 1992,” Wanja later revealed to interviewers, “Hinga used to be a great soccer player all throughout school. We nicknamed him ‘Pele.’”

Hard To Ignore

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And now he looked a mess and she could tell that gone were his glory football days when everyone in her school used to look up to Patrick. It was such a sad realization for her to see her old pal this way. He had unfortunately fallen on hard times. His life was in shambled and he did not look the way he did when they last met. This was something Wanja could not ignore.

Initial Promise

Like we mentioned, if anyone of their old classmates or teachers saw how Patrick was doing that day, they would have had a hard time believing it too. This is because back when they were still in school, Patrick was quite the promising student. He showed a lot of potentials to have become a person of substance in his class and not end up this way.

Secondary School

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He was not just excellent in sports, hew would always score very high grades during primary school. He was one of the brightest students whom all the teachers really liked. After this, Patrick then pursued his higher education at Uthiru High School. Sadly, his time during secondary school proved to be a little difficult for poor Patrick.

His Downfall

And so Wanja became really curious to know what had happened to Patrick. She could not wrap her head around the fact that this was her classmate who thrived in school. In a later interview, Patrick explained that his road to falling off track began after he started to smoke cigarettes. He then moved on to marijuana shortly which made everything go even worse.

Caught  And Expelled

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So why exactly did this guy started smoking cigarettes and weed? Well, when he was asked this question, Patrick blamed everything he did on peer pressure. He did all this just to be accepted by his fellow students. It was sad and unfortunate for him because his activities were caught by the teachers of the school after which he was expelled shortly.