Next Steps…

Yasmin’s mother was afraid of her situation that held her tight and it was getting very difficult for Yasmin to free herself. Her mother did everything to ease her pain but nothing was working. She was tired with all of this but even then she did not lose hope. She prayed every day for the betterment of her daughter’s life. However, her prayers weren’t reaching where it meant to reach and then life closed another door for them.

First Visit

One sudden morning Yasmin’s health got really bad and she was rushed to emergency at Tenterden Hospital. The first visit to the emergency was really hectic as everybody was very anxious about her health. They thought they might hear some good news regarding her health but there was no proper response from the doctor’s side. Even the doctors were confused about Yasmin’s situation. The family was waiting patiently for the reports and they kept checking on her through the little space in the gate.

Her Condition

Her mother and friends kept a very close eye towards Yasmin, as they thought she might need them any minute. Nobody was ready to leave until they hear something from the doctor. Everybody came to standstill and every minute seemed like an hour. On one side of the door where everybody’s heart was beating faster than ever and on the other side, it was Yasmin, lying on the bed with god knows how many wires attached to her. The heart rate monitor’s screen kept beating and it was hearable to everybody because of the silence inside them that crept into their body. Then, she woke up!

So Many Faces

Yasmin slowly opened her eyes and everything looked blur at first and then her eyes started focusing again on the images making them clearer. She was so weak that she couldn’t even speak and the more she tried more pain she felt. Tears started rolling from eyes and pillow under the head was the proof. But so many smiling faces looking towards her made the tears fade away somewhere. Now the pillow cover was blank and the tears of joy filled the blank space. But then the doctor came with a folder in his hand. The news was shocking!

The News!

The doctor didn’t disturb the gathering and was watching Yasmin smile. After a couple of minutes, he walked towards Yasmin with a smile on his face and inquired about how does she feel? Yasmin tried but wasn’t that audible because of the weakness inside her body. She was in pain and the doctor could tell that. The doctor then took her mother outside the room leaving Yasmin and her friends behind. Her mother was curious to know about her daughter’s situation and looked at the doctor with all the hope she had. The doctor then told her that they are not able to see what has made her daughter’s condition this critical but they need to some tests to be sure. The mother was very hurt by the news and didn’t want to show it to Yasmin, so she entered the room with a smiling face.

Regular Visits To Emergency Room

Because the doctors had no idea of what the condition she was suffering from, Yasmin had been rushed to the hospital quite often. The doctors and nurses everybody knew Yasmin, her family, and her friends by name. The doctors took several tests on her every visit but nothing conclusive came out of it. But nobody was ready to lose hope. The doctors also kept trying to find an answer to this problem that was making Yasmin peaceful life a living hell. Finally, they found one.