New Beginnings

Oregon, a new beginning, a new chapter for Lauren. Leaving behind Chicago was not a difficult choice for her. Even though it was a drastic change, to shift across the country. But she embraced this change with open arms. In all honesty, Lauren couldn’t wait to get out of Chicago. It felt like a cleansing ritual, leaving behind the past and looking forward to a better future in a new place literally across the country.

Packing Up

Cardboard boxes, dozens of them were scattered across the floor. The bare walls were now devoid of the usual smiling framed faces. There were dirt and dust shapes on the floor where the furniture once stood. Lauren was busy packing up her life, one box full of memories at a time. There were also a few boxes going to donations, the memories she didn’t want to keep.

Ashland, Oregon

Lauren could spot the mountains touching the horizon in a perfect lilac sky. The auburn trees surrounded the area, tracks snaked around the hills with a few spots wiped out by the rain. Ashland, Oregon. Lauren was in awe of this town already. She couldn’t believe she gets to see this beautiful scenery every day now. Her house was in a perfect location overlooking the mountains. 

New House

The house seemed welcoming from the outside. It had a nice arched entrance, with white pillars on either side laced with green vines twirled around them. There was a fountain in the massive backyard and the rooms had staircase built around real tree branches. The balconies were decorated with huge plants as well. Safe to say, Lauren was in love with this house. 

Meeting The Roommate

Lauren was really excited to meet her roommate, having lived alone for years. But she was also nervous about the fact that they might not get along. To her relief, her roommate turned out to be a sweetheart. She was nice enough to clean her room in advance and told her to feel at home. And surprisingly, she did, she felt at home instantly. 

New People

Walking around the university campus felt like a breath of fresh air. There was something satisfying about seeing new faces everywhere around her. Starting over at a new place, you get to step out of your house and not meet the same toxic people who know your life story and judge you for it. It was a refreshing change of pace.