Ellie, a 27-year-old girl was commuting in a train when something unexpected happened with her. She was headed to her class as usual. She was about to reach her destination in 28 minutes but unfortunately, she could not. The woman collapsed on the train. But the real story began when she found herself lying on a corner of the station. There was no one around her. Who brought her here? Who helped her? She soon found a note that gave answers to all these questions.

Memories Erased

27-year-old Ellie Farnfield, London used to give fitness classes. At the same time, she was also taking classes to become an acupuncturist. She used to travel from Redhill, Surrey to London to attend her classes. However, today’s journey was going to be different and very strange.  

Health And Fitness

Ellie, being a fitness trainer herself was very conscious about her health. With that, her profession as a fitness trainer required her to stay in health. She loved her job at Rabble, a fitness club. The club was known for making usual fitness routine interesting by adding team games to it. No need to say, she was in her best possible health. But one day something happened that turned everything upside down.   

Waiting For The Train

It happened one evening in November when Ellie was waiting for her train on the platform. She was not alone there, the platform was crowded with hundreds of commuters waiting for the train. She had her class in an hour and she did not want to miss it as people from far places used to come to attend her class. She hoped for the train to come on time. 

Changing Lives

She had seen people transforming from fat to fit. She had seen many lives changing because of the training she used to give. What used to make her happiest was the fact that it was because of her guidance people were making such a positive transformation. That day too she was headed towards her class to make some more positive changes. However, she had no idea that she was about to go through a big change during this journey of half an hour.     

Human Crush

Luckily, the train came on time. She leaped on it. The coach was so crowded with people that she could not get a seat for herself. She squeezed through the crowd and found herself a vacant spot by the window. Standing there she waited for the train to depart from the station. She had to reach her class within an hour but little did she know that she was not going to attend that class ever.      


In an interval of a minute, the train started moving forward. Although there was a thick crowd on the train, it was the fastest mode of transport to reach her destination. Whereas the car would have taken about an hour for Ellie to get to her destination, the train was going to take only 28 minutes.