Busy Lane

After so many years she knew where she had to look out for the inspiration for her next work, there were several shops on the road and were crammed with people as expected on a Sunday morning. She greeted a couple of her customers while she walked down a busy lane and they asked about her business and life. Their excitement was clearly visible when she informed them that they would soon be able to see the new collection in the studio.

The Thrift Shop

She entered the thrift shop and started to rummage through the racks to find something for her new collection. The shopkeeper too accompanied her in her hunt. It had been years and she had become his regular customer. Moreover, he was a fan of her work and praised her for her unique work and creativity and often said she had an eye for antiques.

Search Begins

Soon she started searching for muumuus and picked up a couple of them with some intricate designs on it. The shopkeeper would often joke that if her pockets would allow she would buy the whole thrift shop at one go and she would laugh her heart out with him. On the other days, she wouldn’t take much time to buy but today it seemed to her it would take her infinite amount of time. Would she be able to get what she desires?

Found The One?

While she was searching through the stack she stumbled upon a beautiful muumuu which had a vibrant color combination of pink and purple and the design looked quite old. The moment she set her eyes on the piece of cloth she knew would buy it no matter the price. There was something so magnetic about this particular muumuu that she felt an instant connection to the same.

Taking It Home

She spared no moment to rush to the counter to buy it. While she was returning, she tried to examine the pink-purple color muumuu carefully as she thought she had seen this before but couldn’t remember where. When she reached home she told her husband about the same and he brushed off saying that muumuus are quite common and so is the color,she might have seen someone wearing it before they sold it off to the thrift shop.


She knew her husband was right but she had bought numerous muumuus and never felt that before and but today she was feeling a connection with it. Though the thrift shop kept a lot of old stuff, this seemed to be older than she could estimate. The design present on the muumuu was not so common at that time. Would she be able to find out the truth?