Plus One

Seyi was allowed to bring a plus one which was exciting since this trip will be a really fun experience. She decided to ask her best friend to accompany her on the trip. Her best friend didn’t know anyone at the wedding but she was happy to accompany her. The two friends booked their flight tickets, packed their stuff and were ready to go.

Buzzing With Excitement

Once the girls checked in and sat on their flight, the excitement was making their head buzz. They had never been to Romania and now they are going to attend a fun summer wedding and who doesn’t love a wedding? They were looking forward to an amazing time filled with friends, good food and dancing.

Acquainting the BFF

During the flight, Seyi told everything about the bride and the groom to her best friend to get her acquainted with them. She didn’t know anybody at the wedding and this little briefing might help her in case she feels out of place once they reach the venue. Of course, she had Seyi so she won’t be alone but it wouldn’t hurt to get to know the happy couple.

Traveling Through Transylvania

The flight landed in Cluj, a city in the region of Transylvania. It was one of the most beautiful cities Seyi had ever seen. The 15th-century buildings blending in with the trees that touch the flawless blue sky. The girls made a mental note to explore more of the city if they get time after the wedding. But for now, they had somewhere to be. They grabbed their bags from the baggage claim and booked a taxi for the hotel.

Reaching The Hotel

The hotel was situated in a scenic village outside of the city. It also had a beautiful church for the ceremony. They were greeted with a charming personalized gift bag. The girls were delighted with the vibe this place had. Seyi was so happy she got to be a part of her friend’s happy day. After checking into their rooms, the girls decided to go meet the bride.

Meeting The Bride

As expected, the bride was surrounded by a bunch of people, half of whom Seyi didn’t even recognize. They decided to go ahead and congratulate her on her special day. To Seyi’s surprise, the bride didn’t seem that thrilled to see her. She was too tense and busy to even spend a few minutes with her.