Weddings are a great social event filled with music, dancing, and delicious food. They act as a means to establish new bonds between two people and their families. It brings together long lost friends, relatives, and acquaintances. Of course, none of it comes for free. The venue, the food, the guests, everything has to be taken care of. As a matter of fact, weddings are only getting more and more expensive.

Seyi, a 22-year-old counselor from London, got to attend one such extravagant wedding in Romania. She brought along a friend as her plus one and they both had a blast. Once the wedding was over, it was time for Seyi to return home. Little did she know, an unpleasant surprise awaits her at home.

A Slow Day

It was a slow Thursday morning at the office. Seyi was on her desk sipping on her fourth cup of coffee of the day. She had been working with this firm for about a year now and the pay was good so she couldn’t complain. But working as a counselor was not the most thrilling job for sure, so she needed her coffee to stay awake, especially on a slow day like this.

The Invitation

Seyi’s fingers were clicking away on her laptop mindlessly when a notification caught her attention. She has received a new email in her inbox. On opening the email she found out it was an invitation to her coworker’s wedding in Romania. “A destination wedding?” she thought, ‘That sounds fancy’.

Perfect Getaway

Seyi was getting excited. She desperately needed a break from work and this was the perfect occasion. Moreover, she got to bring a plus one, and she knew she had to take her best friend to this event. Seyi noticed a link attached to the mail. It took her to a website that was set up for the wedding.

The Website

On the website, there were glimpses of how the wedding was going to be arranged and from the looks of it, this wedding was going to be extravagant. Two days of the itinerary was mentioned there, including a garden party right before the wedding day, a fully catered party will follow after the ceremony along with an open bar.

Hotel Expenses

The website also mentioned the hotel where the guests would be staying. It displayed the gorgeous pictures of the hotel and the bedrooms as well. However, the guests will have to bear the expenses of staying at the hotel. The accommodation was quite expensive and so will be the flight tickets, but Seyi was still thrilled.

Cash Only

The happy couple had also mentioned on the website that they will only be accepting cash gifts. While some people may find this rude, Seyi understood where they came from. She knew how expensive weddings can be especially this one, in particular, was an extremely fancy destination wedding.