Unfortunate Accident

One day Kelly was running down the stairs in hurry and suddenly she had a major fall. Logan was home and heard a sudden sound. He rushed to see what happened and saw his mother lying in the middle of stairs injured. He immediately called for help.

Paralyzed For Life

Kelly was 37 years then and she had suffered a major spine injury. Her injury had lead to a spinal stroke in which the blood supply to one’s spine hinders and disrupts. Due to the imbalance of blood supply, Kelly was paralyzed from her waist to down her legs. The injury was so severe that Kelly developed the risks of blockage in her nerve impulses.

Result Of Accident

Richard couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that a fall from stairs made Kelly paralyzed for life. Unfortunately, 18 months previous to this accident, Kelly had survived a car crash. As a result of that car crash, her backbone was not that tough and she was prone to spine strokes. Kelly did not even get over this news of paralysis that another news came shattering to her ears.

Can’t Walk Again

The doctors informed Kelly and her husband that the blood flow in her spine was so less that, it was possible for Kelly to can’t walk on her feet again. This news broke everyone’s hope who wished for a speedy recovery of Kelly. Kelly was disheartened to realize that she would no longer be able to jog and run behind her children and take them out for picnics.

That Wasn’t All

As if being paralyzed wasn’t enough that Kelly’s husband, Richard decided to leave her. Just after five days of the accident, he left her and his children behind. It was devastating for Kelly. The moment when she needed her husband the most, he left her without giving any explanations.

Breaking The Vows

When they both took the wedding vows they made special emphasis on the line saying, “I’ll Be There For You In Sickness And In Health”. Yet, Richard decided to break the vow and move away from his said to be the life-long partner. The vow which meant that they will be there for each other through thick and thin was eventually broken. For obvious reasons, Kelly was broken. But she knew that this is not what she wanted from life…