Megan and Bobby have been living in this house for nine years. The couple got married 5 months ago and now had decided to bring some changes to the interior of the house. It was a holiday and Bobby was going to spend the rest of the day renovating their kitchen. The couple was very excited and Megan was even posting pictures of her husband drilling the ceiling of the house on her social account. The duo at that time had no idea what they had started. The work took longer than they had expected. It was middle of the night and Bobby was still working. It was then something fell off the ceiling. There was a big mystery cemented inside the ceiling of their kitchen. It took them 9 years to find it out and the story does not end here. It marked the beginning of the couple’s unexpected adventure that was going to get more twisted.


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Megan and her hubby Bobby Kapsidis, 34 are both driven by logic. Bobby’s hobbies include fixing stuff that very much explains his interest to take up the job of an aircraft mechanic. They bought this home in 2009 and had been trying to make it theirs. After getting all the furniture placed in the house they thought of doing some DIY. They had to reach up to the kitchen attic.

Five Years

Megan, 31 and Bobby, 34 are married to each other for 5 years. Even though 5 years have gone by, they are still very much in love with each other. The duo started living in this house about 8 years ago. But still, they were not familiar with one part of it.   

Renovating The Kitchen

Megan and Bobby took up the DIY task and started working on their interesting project. Megan is very much active on her social accounts and that is the reason why she thought of keeping her friends posted about their DIY. She said, “Some before and during pictures just to show that we haven’t burnt the palace down yet.” Little did she know what were they going to find inside. 

For The First Time

It was the first time in 9 years they were doing the renovation in their house. The house was in perfect shape when they had moved in. But now they thought of remodeling their kitchen as Megan had some plans for it.

Something Fell

They had expected DIY to span a day. However, it took Bobby a whole day and he even had to work late in the evening. Midnight had come and the man was still there working. Bobby had gone to sleep but the man was still there working in the kitchen. Though it was disturbing her sleep, Megan was very much proud of her husband as he was still trying to get the work completed.  

Tearing Apart

No need to say that the sleep was gradually taking over him. So he got a little carefree with his tools. And then he got a crowbar in his hand and ripped the ceiling away with the help of its hinges. While tearing the ceiling apart he might not have expected what would come off the ceiling.