Being a parent is a never-ending job. You teach, love, and guide the children every single day to help them become the individuals they are supposed to be. But not everything can be taught. Sometimes, the instincts that children act with show the depth of their upbringing or, in some cases, the lack of it.

12-year-old Ben Theriot was out on a shopping trip with his mother. Things took an uncanny turn when on their way back, Ben saw a random car parked at the side of the road. Before his mother could fathom what is happening, Ben ran to the car and started hitting its windshield. She was astounded at her son’s behavior. But there was more to it than meets the eye.

Ben Theriot

Ben Theriot is a 12-year-old resident of Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is a dark-haired, fair skin, friendly little boy. He has three brothers and is the second-eldest of the lot. Growing up with three brothers can be intimidating for some. But not for Ben, he loved having companions he could share things with.


The bond between brothers is precious. They are your best friend, they tease you and love you in their own way. Ben and his brothers have always shared a loving relationship, even the brother who is older than him and will be off to college this year. The younger two were still in school, just like Ben. 

Summer Break

It was the month of August and Ben was enjoying his summer break. Summer was his favorite time of the year apart from Christmas. The sky is a pretty color of blue, the sun is always gleaming vividly. Even though summers in Oklahoma are really hot, Ben didn’t mind. Most of his days were spent outside playing Basketball with his friends.

7th Grade

Unlike other kids, Ben enjoyed going to school. Even though he was more into Basketball than Math, he succeeded in getting good grades regardless. He was especially thrilled these days because he was going to begin 7th Grade this September.

Shopping For School

Before the commencement of the term, it is essential to have all the school supplies. And that was the agenda for today on Ben and his mother’s, Nikki Fields, to-do list. Nikki knew her son is growing up and that means every year entails a new set of uniforms. She had picked up his new uniform already, so now the only thing left was a fresh pair of shoes and some stationery supplies.

Hit The Road

Ben and Nikki stepped out of the house around noon that day. They were on their way to the Highland Plaza Shopping Center. Nikki had a few stores in mind where she wanted to check for Ben’s footwear. The mother and son duo got in their car and were ready to hit the road.