In not much time, the oceans around us will have more plastic than fishes because whatever garbage enters the water will never break down or dissolve in the water and will stay as a permanent part at the bottom of the oceans.

The ocean is a vast, magical and beautiful place. But our generation has been ruining this beauty. And when you disturb nature, nature also finds a way to make the human race realize what harm it has been causing.

And then we come across the story of a kind gentleman, Nick Crooks who decided upon doing his part for saving Mother Nature and one day went to clean a beach near his house with his two little kids, Noah and Josh. But what the 8-year-old Noah found in the garbage astonished him and his family. He had found a treasure in the garbage.

Noah Crook

Noah is an 8- year-old boy who is an old-school, even when he doesn’t know the definition of the term yet. His hobbies include gardening, reading, and writing and he likes things in their true form, without any adulteration. Noah lives in Cornwall with his parents and an elder brother. 

Nature Lover

The 8-year-old has been a lover of nature since his childhood. The water, mountains, and greenery have been the kind of presence that Noah likes to be around if asked to choose a holiday destination.


The month of January brought in a lot of holidays for the school-going children and Noah was one of those children. With so many extended holidays, Noah could not understand what to do at home and to make things even worse, a storm hit the UK on 2nd and 3rd January 2018.

Storm Eleanor

An extratropical cyclone hit major parts of Europe, and the UK was affected too. The storm came with winds as heavy as 100 mph and destroyed everything that came in its way. From electricity to homes, to roads, all had been damaged and caused widespread damage.

After Effects

Noah, who has been a nature lover was deeply moved by the destruction that had been made around him. He loved the beaches of Cornwall and was really upset when he saw the ravaged condition of the beaches because of the storm that moved everything and everybody. 

Silence Prevails

The tumult caused by the storm brought in pin-drop silence after it. People were scared and traumatized by the anger of mother nature. It was very difficult for people who had witnessed the storm to go back to their normal lives with all the destruction around them.