Second Chance

By the end of the night, Amanda and James decided they would give the marriage another chance. None of them wanted to lose the beautiful life they had built together and wanted to try once more for the sake of their daughters. But Amanda was going to regret the worst decision of her life.


The two decided that they would go to a couple-counselor to save their marriage. They owed this to themselves and their children who were nowhere at fault here to suffer the separation of their parents. But there was a lot of suffering in its way… 


Although Amanda and James had a night-long discussion, there was one thing that was bothering Amanda to the core. James told her everything about his affair except for that one major thing, who was the girl he had cheated her with? And James had been adamant about not disclosing that. 

No Disclosure

James had confessed everything about his affair, from the duration to the number of times the two had met and where. But no matter how many times Amanda asked, James refused to tell her the name of that girl. 

A Break

After asking about the woman countless times, Amanda got frustrated. She could not get to terms with the fact that despite cheating on her, James would not even disclose the name of the woman. Amanda was disturbed and said she wanted a break from all this. But this break was going to be very heavy for her. 

Alone Time

After not being able to understand what to do and being frustrated to the core, Amanda wanted some me-time. She requested James to leave her alone for the night. What happened next will make you jump from your seat.