Amanda felt like she had been a fool all this time to think that she could look forward to James for anything in the world. She had always thought that her relationship with James was forever. She could not understand a thing. 

In Question

Amanda was shook when she realized her whole life and marriage with James was under question. She had heard numerous stories of spouses cheating on each other but she had never thought that anything like that could happen to her.


The only solution to calm down her disturbance a little was to confront the cheating husband. And so Amanda decided that she would talk face to face to James and ask him what had provoked him to ruin such a wonderful family.


The night of June 26th was the longest for Amanda. She had confronted James and asked him about the betrayal. James gave numerous explanations to Amanda about his unfaithful act but nothing seemed to be working. 


Since Amanda was deeply hurt by what James had done, she could not believe a single word that came out of James’ mouth. She felt like her whole body was aching because of his lies. But this was just the beginning of her pain. 

Long Night

That night, Amanda and James had a discussion all night long. James seemed sorry for what he had done but the damage, on the other hand, seemed irreplaceable. Their whole life was at stake and everything was on the verge of ending.