Lupe barely left the toy and would bark insanely if anyone touched it. Kathy had to literally take away the toy to make her eat in which she rarely succeeded. She was inseparable from the toy.

A Night Before

At dusk, Kathy had made Lupe’s favorite dinner. So when she got a whiff she ran inside the house. Watching her come before even calling had somewhat astonished her, but then that is what she wanted.

Toy On The Ground

In a hurry, Lupe forgot to take her toy inside. But it wasn’t really a matter of concern, but it was indeed in the house. But who knew though in the front porch the toy had new fans too.

Enjoying The Sight

When dawn broke and Lupe was done helping her owner, she, as usual, sat on the window edge to lookout for passers-by. It startled as she jumped over the edge to find out that, her much-loved toy wasn’t the same anymore.


She was surprised to see some strange dog-like animal was playing with her beloved toy. This came as an unanticipated surprise which was difficult for her to digest. Who was that animal, and what was it doing on the front porch?

Endless barking

As the animal was having the best time of its life while playing with the stuffed toy, at the same time Lupe was going bananas as she couldn’t tolerate the sight and was desperate to jump out of the window to snatch her beloved toy.