There might be many cute animals that melt our hearts as soon as we lay our eyes on them. But despite their cuteness, there are some untamed animals which no matter what can’t be tamed. What if one of those animals steal away one’s heart and you’re left with no choice but to take them in especially one of those canny and sneaky ones?

One Fine Morning

Lupe was blissfully roaming around her owner, Kathy(name changed) helping her with the daily chores and having the best time of her life.  What could be better than a comfortable home and a nice owner? Without having the slightest clue what was coming her way.

The Bond

Her owner and Lupe had strong connection. She was trained and used to get along pretty well. With the passage of time, this understanding grew.

The Companionship

Kathy used to live alone before Lupe came in her life. Then one day after a lot of persistence to find a companion, the next day, she went into the pet shop and as her eyes met this dachshund puppy; she didn’t give another thought before adopting the pup.


They are known for their friendly nature, but it is hard to believe that these adorable dogs were basically bred for hunting, but no matter the reason, Lupe changed her life, and she became more amiable. Kids used to come and play with Lupe, and she used to treat them with handmade candies.

The Morning

It was the advent of fall and a sunny day in October when Lupe looked out of the window as she used to do and had a shock of her life. It was not something she had seen coming in the morning.

Toy’s Not There

Lupe was obsessing over her new stuffed toy which Kathy had recently gifted her. She used to treat the toy, like her own puppy her affection towards the toy increased with days. She wouldn’t let anyone touch it and slept hugging it.