Up For An Adventure

Yes, Cameron and Zabu lived most of their lives together and now when it was about this new adventure, they embarked on it too together. Over the years, many people saw this couple in the New Hampshire zoo over the duration of these four years. It was going to be a tough journey but nothing in front of their life of struggles.

Always On Display

Cameron and Zabu were always on display inside their small cages. But all this was about to end soon… How? Because one fine day, an organization got to know about their sad story, how they were being forced to breed just for the sake of ligers.

For The Sake Of Ligers

Ligers can certainly bring thousands of visitors to the zoo. And if you try selling them, the cost can go as high as thousands of dollars and what comes as a cherry on the cake is the fact that there are no laws about the selling or purchasing of the hybrids. Well, this meant that not only that Cameron and Zabu’s lives were being used but also in future their babies will live a life of suffering and captivity too! All these plans for the liger cubs affected some people in a strange manner…

They Noticed

When the right people heard about Cameron and Zabu, their lives were about to change completely forever. A whole lot of people were interested in Cameron and Zabu and most of them were having ugly minds. But these people belonged to an organization that fought for animal rights and gave them the life they actually deserved.

An Unbelievable Change

What happened after this organization noticed this pair is just so unbelievable that it will take anyone into tears. These creatures had no idea that people were working so hard just to bring them out of the dark lives that they had been living in the zoo from the last 4 years. 

The Big Cat Rescue

The Big Cat Rescue, a non-profit organization was the one that got to know about Cameron and Zabu. The organization instantly took it as their main target to protect this pair from the harsh lives that they have been living in that zoo. But it wasn’t easy as they needed funds to fight for them.