Blaire McCarthy, a teen from Tampa Bay, Florida was ready to get a new look when she went to her dentist. What she didn’t know at that time was how a simple procedure was about to uncover the harmful thing she has been doing since the very beginning. An eye-opener! A sudden discovery makes Blaire and her family realize that the healthy habit she relied on just like all of us took her to a dental clinic. A normal thing became the reason for immense pain and suffering bringing it to everyone’s notice.

Health and hygiene, both are closely related as one somehow affects the other. What if something that you are doing since your childhood is questioned? The habit that seems to be healthy becomes a reason to cause you harm? Well, that’s exactly what happened with Blaire McCarthy.


Fear of going to a dental clinic or fear of someone looking into your mouth with tools happens to many people. Mostly it happens with kids and with people who had a bad experience with dentists. According to many stats, even today more than 50% of the population rushes to the dentist only when in pain not for regular check-ups. In any case, Blaire never had any of it rather she used to be happy visiting the dentist every once a year for her regular check-ups hoping she would never have to face any dental issues. When she rushed to the dentist it was on to discover the unsettling truth.

A Teen’s Concern

Teenage is a phase full of mood swings that almost every adult would understand. The time when our bodies undergo several changes, teenage is the only age when we get most concerned about our looks. Blaire too was like other teens, concerned about her appearance and all. She was thinking to get a minor issue with her teeth fixed. Her teeth were not aligned together and she wanted to get it done. No one knew what seemed to be a usual visit to the dentist will turn out to be a big-time discovery. 

Daily Routines

Health concerns all of us, as a matter of fact, everyone tries to stay healthy in one way or the other. Yet the majority of us are unable to keep a grip on our diets. We know that very few people are able to get themselves going on with strict routines while most of us are indulged in at least one unhealthy habit every day. It could be sleeping late or not sleeping at all, having a lot of junk or skipping the meals, excessive intake of caffeine or not drinking enough water, smoking or stressing oneself way too much.

Even Blaire did miss on a few things daily but what she never compromised with one major habit of hers. She used to get regular check-ups with the dentist and she was planning on getting dental braces soon.

Healthy Habits

We can’t restrict some of our habits even after realizing that it ain’t healthy which is fine to some extent but we won’t deny that some habits stay with us since childhood. The most common of healthy habits are such as, taking regular baths, brushing teeth, washing hands before eating, cover our mouths if sneezing or coughing. It might have reminded you of your kindergarten days when these basic etiquettes were learned by heart. Blaire was always trying to stay healthy and active, but as far as her teeth are concerned she was way more alert about them.

All About Teeth

There’s a reason why so much emphasis has been put on the cleaning of teeth as it is not only about keeping our mouth healthy but also our whole body and it doesn’t require too much of efforts. How much time and energy does it take to brush and floss your teeth three times a day? hardly 15 minutes a day. Blaire was always concerned about her hygiene so much that her parents never have to remind her of brushing or flossing. It all started when she finally got braces to fix her teeth and get a perfect smile. 

Time To Get Them Off

For the next one year, Blaire followed the exact steps as the dentist instructed her. She visited the dentist for regular check-ups while her bristles were on and finally, the day came when the dentist told her that next week her bristles can be removed. At first, Blaire was nervous if she has to keep the bristles on for more than a year but as she took a note of dentist’s instructions, her teeth were in the desired position within a year’s time. She was happy with the idea that finally, she doesn’t have to get the dentist’s appointment every week. However, she didn’t know that she again have to rush to the clinic with a bigger concern.