Friends and Family

Onequa started with cooking for friends and family since she knew that all of these people would support her. Side by side, she kept posting whatever she cooked on Twitter. After all, digital media could get her the recognition she wanted. But it would turn out to be very different from what she had expected.

Step By Step

Even though things were moving at a slow pace, people had started to show interest in the budding chef’s posts. Soon, Onequa made an Instagram page as well, to post pictures of the dishes she cooked. And that is where the trouble would begin. 

All By Herself

Since Onequa had started her enterprise all by herself, she was the only one to manage all the aspects of it herself. From customer service to managing to cook, she did it all by herself. And that is how she would meet the person who would try all things to put Onequa and her work down. 

Just Another Day

Onequa had made a beautiful Instagram page under the name ‘highlyflavoured’, where she uploaded pictures of what she cooked. And truly, all of them were a treat to watch. It was on Instagram only that an unknown woman approached Onequa. 


The woman who had contacted Onequa actually wanted to get a price estimate of Onequa’s catering services. The woman had been planning for her godmother’s wedding and seemed interested in Onequa’s work. 

The Idea

The woman who had contacted Onequa was very clear about the kind of services she wanted from her. The food menu was decided very exactly and only after all the discussions were made between the woman and her godmother, they approached Onequa.