A lot of us plan our lives well in advance, each step with every little detail. But a lot of us do not have things planned in advance. We all hope to figure out our life plans by the time we finish college.

But a lot of times many of us question our career choices and are not even sure if that is exactly what we even want to do for the rest of our lives.

What if one morning when we realize what our true passion has been all this while, we gather the courage to make our passion a career for ourselves, suddenly a stranger comes in and smashes all the courage and tries to shatter all the confidence in the most impolite way that too for a reason so abysmal? What will your reaction be when someone tries to end all that you had built so relentlessly?


Meet Onequa, a 24 year-old young woman from Norfolk, Virginia. Onequa had just started her food business after she went through a difficult time. She was unable to find her true calling ever since her graduation and things were never in her favor. 


Onequa graduated from college in 2014 and had no idea what her next step would be. She started working at random jobs but she knew this was not the goal. All of this confusion only resulted in unhappiness for the young lady. 


Experiencing the worst days of her life when she was unable to figure out where to go and what to do, Onequa was unable to even get out of bed. She would only cry in depression all day long and blame herself. 

No Talents

Onequa always thought that she had no talent out of which she could make her career. She continuously prayed for some guidance. For almost three years, it was only depression and the feeling of being lost for her. 


Then suddenly one day, Onequa realized that maybe things could start to work in her favor. After all, there was one thing that she was really good at, and that was cooking. “It was literally the only thing I did well,” she said.

New Beginning

Onequa decided that there was absolutely nothing that she had to lose if she took the risk to start her own enterprise. She was to start from scratch and there was no harm in giving cooking a try because she knew she was good at it. Little did she know someone was going to smash it all for her.