When Rebecca searched her husband’s car, she found empty cans and pill bottles all scattered in the car. But there was something even bigger that was going to be the nightmare for Rebecca. This was just the starting of the destruction of her life. 

Hidden Stuff

“I did some digging and found empty pill bottles and many empty beer cans in his car,” Rebecca said. The wife found out that her husband had been hiding his substance abuse problem from her, all of which he hid in the same car in which he drove his own child to school. 

Further Discovery

The pills were not the only horrifying thing that Rebecca was to come across. She decided to search further in the car that she was always kept away from. She searched under the seats and in the trunk of the car. As soon as she opened the trunk, she was taken aback by what she saw in front of her eyes. 

Another Surprise

The trunk was full of several years of mail, all of which were addressed to Rebecca. Her own husband had been keeping letters from her that were from collection agencies, various bills, birthday cards and a lot of other things. But why did he do this? Why had he been keeping so many secrets from his own family? 


“Confused, hurt, and angry were my only emotions for the next few days. I was running on fumes and couldn’t eat or sleep. I felt so stupid for not seeing the signs. I had been so busy with raising a child and building my practice at work. I was married to a drug addict”, told Rebecca. But this was only the start of the list. 

Endless List

The addiction, the stealing, the lying, as if all this was not enough that something even more hurtful was to follow in Rebecca and her little daughter’s life. The picture was soon going to uncover itself, and the man Rebecca had married would suddenly be like someone she has never known.