Successful Lives

Jake was now a doctor and was living in Sydney, Australia, close to his workplace while Emmy was working as a teacher in London. Not similar to their get-togethers during holidays, this time somehow everything was planning to bring them together for a whole different reason and they both were unaware of it completely and when you’ll know what happened next and the biggest obstacle that was waiting for them you might feel dejected. Go ahead to read how Jake and Emmy’s lives were about to change forever.

10 Years To Go

For over 10 years Jake and Emmy were able to continue living their lives according to their own will and as per their plans which they were completely satisfied with. Though they never felt it too much they always had something missing but were too busy with their daily routines that they never felt enough occupied with the thought of ‘something missing’. But years later, time was about to bring them face to face unexpectedly in the year 2015.

Fallen Again?

After all these years finally, Emmy and Jake came together again and this time it wasn’t just their ordinary holiday meet. They realized the fact how they were looking for each other all this time like they were meant to be together and the best thing happened lately, but they realized the fact that they get along perfectly not just as friends but as partners for life. This wasn’t all for them as within 6months of time the couple was about to face the biggest shock of their life.

Making It Work

Emmy was in London and Jake was in Sydney yet both were certain that they’ll make it work going beyond all the distances as they completed each other in every way. They were connected through their conversations on FaceTime and even used to travel every now and then, just a pair absolutely in love ready to give up on anything to stay together and that’s what life is all about, right? It’s more about sticking next to your loved ones. We would love to know your views about it! While 10,000 miles seemed nothing to this couple as their relationship was getting stronger every day. The worse nightmare was close to coming true.

On A Serious Note

They used to talk about the future now and realized how they both want to spend life with each other and Jake knew that Emmy completes him in every way. Unaware of the future that the terrible happenings were about to leave them both devastated, Jake had the most special moment prepared for Emmy.

All Set For The Big Day

By March 2016, Jake knew that Emmy completes him in every way, and so he was ready to take their relationship to the next step as he didn’t want to lose this girl, right by his side, this time and so he had everything planned for a proposal.  He had pictured the wonderful moment already on his mind and he was just preparing for their best trip to happen when life brought them to a dead end.