Not Good Deed

It may interest you to know that this act of smuggling was caught during a regular vehicle check on a road. Luckily, the artifacts captured were in a very good condition. There were many valuable artifacts found.

Not The One

However, this did not happen to be the only act of stealing by them. The picture was not the only object being stolen and transported to another city in a suspicious style. There were many others too.  

Orphan Man

The piece happened to be the work of well-renowned artist Vincent van Gogh. It was featuring “Orphan Man, Standing,” which has one determining quality. The back of the frame has the name of the Dutch genius.   


By smuggling, we often mean illegal transportations of contrabands, animals, and money. But here in Tokat the smuggling mainly pertains to transportations of ancient artifacts. The major part of the police of Tokat included consistently chasing and prohibiting black market treasures making through Tokat.  

A Tradition

Smuggling of any type is not good but this one is particularly dangerous as it takes away the cultural treasure from a place. The history of Ottoman and Middle Eastern is concentrated in Tokat. The city is primarily known for its cultural heritage. Losing cultural heritage can result in a loss of tourism that would affect the economy of the city. 

Remarkable Piece

In one of those four operations, a remarkable artifact was recovered by the police. The antique was nothing like usual. The relic probably represented the most important part of history. Many archeologists didn’t even know it existed.