Channel Surfing

Watching TV at home? How about changing channels the old-school way, by getting up and pushing the buttons on the TV set, instead of using the remote. Remember, keep moving your body wherever possible. Even if you have remote sitting next to you, do walk up towards the TV and change the channel by pressing the button on the TV. These little efforts make a big difference!

Breaking Sweat In The Break

Ditch the prevalent notion that TV time is relaxing time! Instead of getting yourself plonked on your stuffy sofa and flipping channels during the break time, turn to your floor and do some exercises. You can do 20 squats, 10 push-ups, 5 burpees or 15 mountain climbers.

Clean It Up

Don’t rely on your maid, clean your house on your own. Not because your maid does all the work half-heartedly but because it can help you stay fit. Yes, you read it right! Sweeping, mopping and dusting can help you a great deal in maintaining your health. 

Play With kids

Can you imagine! Kids can actually help you achieve your health goals. So, from now on, don’t scold your kids who want you to play with them. Instead, join them in their fun activities. It has been seen that people who spend some of their time playing with kids are often healthy. It can help you in two way, firstly the company of kids keeps you active and secondly, it also keeps your mind fresh.    

Have A Pillow fight

Who says fighting is not good for your health! It is as far as it is limited to pillow fighting. This fun-filled activity is very good for your health. So every night do pillow fighting with your kids and your family. It increases your heart rate and laughs. The increased heart rate leads to better circulation of blood.

Walk The Dog

It is for your own good! Take your dog for a walk every evening. Not only that it channelizes your dog’s energy but also refreshes your mind. Additionally, taking a walk in the evening only adds up to your health benefits. Do not forget to take your dog on an evening walk.