Where there’s a will, there is a way, and if there is no way there is always a few tricks you can try to get your work done. Those having a busy schedule often laments about their lack of time to work on their health. However, ignoring one’s health for anything in this world is not a wise thing to do. If you are one of those who do not get enough time to exercise due to your busy schedule, then here are the few tricks that you can take in use. They not only save your times but helps in an unbelievable way.

Waking Up Early

Early to bed, early to rise! Yes, if you want to maintain a good health, do follow this. Do you know when you wake up early, you wake up to several health benefits. Getting up early imbues a sense of positivity in you which lingers on throughout the day. Additionally, it leaves you with plenty of time to look after your health.

First Thing’s First

When you wake up in the morning, try going for a brisk 5-10 minute powerwalk in your neighborhood. The morning walk fills you with energy that keeps you fresh and active throughout the day. Early morning is the calmest time of the day that gives your mind a plenty of time to process everything.   

In Between

If you’re working in an office or even from the comfort of your own home, try doing some quick push-ups between activities. Push-ups are a great help. Not only it keeps your heart healthy but also helps you achieve a good shape. One can go for pushups anytime. However, one should avoid doing this just after the meal.  

Step Up

Going to work? Maybe go for the stairs instead of the elevator. You can get a great glute workout while you’re at it. Not to mention that stair climbing is one of the best forms of steady state cardio. Those who want to stay fit always take to stairs. In case your office is located one of the top floors of lofty buildings, you can distribute your journey by taking stairs to some floor and then using the elevator.  


Okay, if climbing the stairs is an uphill task for you then try this trick out. Even if you are strapped for time then you should make use of any free time you get, even the smaller ones. You can even get one of your exercises done while waiting for the elevator. Go for ab exercises at that time. Stand with relaxed knees. Then shrink the muscles surrounding your belly button and follow it up by stretching up your upper torso. Lastly, contract your buttocks for some seconds.     

Make Calls

In place of sending emails and texts, try to reach the other end by making phone calls. You must be wondering why I asked you to make phone calls? Well, the reason is while making calls we usually roam around that for obvious reasons stimulates your internal system. While sending texts or emails you stick to your chair.