At some point in our life, we have all thought about doing something adventurous or saving the school from some misfortune, right? But that’s all just daydreaming because in reality stuff like those doesn’t happen. But what if we tell you that in Shenandoah University both students and teachers were able to find a time capsule that had some very interesting and unbelievable things inside it? You’ll be surprised to see how it was found and what all did the college staff and students discover that changed their lives forever. The students couldn’t control their surprise and this story soon went viral and people all over the world were talking about it. What was it, you ask? You’ll find out soon…

Mysterious Shenandoah University

See before us there were people who lived on the same land on which we are living today. The college which was built on past soils didn’t realize that they would discover something astonishing in the near future. The time capsule which was found on the same soil filled both the university staff and students with excitement. But what was this time capsule that took everybody in the past? As soon as the lid was opened nobody could take their eyes off from this unbelievable thing that was surrounded by the staff and students of the Shenandoah University. 

Not Reel But Real Life

We have all grown up watching movies like Back to the Future that takes the protagonist in the future and it was a very brilliant movie concept that was loved by every age group. But in the movie, the guy was able to only go in the future and this story is somewhat like that but with a little twist. Rather than going in the future through GFX and technology people use in the movies, staff, and students of the Shenandoah University were able to re-live an amazing past.

Time Capsule!

Have you ever thought about why we call them time capsules? Because for a very obvious reason which is that these things contain several significant objects or personal items that are meant to be kept in a way that in future somebody would find it and discover the contents that could give them a little insight of the past. You might have also tried it or maybe even have found something like this. If not that then don’t worry because after reading this story, all you could ask would be that one time capsule destined for you to open. This recent discovery also proved that burying a time capsule was also done in the past.

Time Capsule Of 1977

In the year 2017, archeologists found a very ancient time capsule which dated back to 1777. This time capsule was a hallowed wooden Jesus Christ statue, which was discovered in Burgos, Spain. So what did the archeologists find inside the statue? According to archeologists, there was a very ancient document which was written by Burgo de Osma Cathedral chaplain Joaquín Mínguez that has some very insightful historical knowledge that helped scholars to answer not all but some of the question about our past.

They Are Useless Junk

As they say, every coin has two sides, the same is with time capsules. Some experts believe that they are the most brilliant way to conserve some important or minute details about our past but some scholars are against that. According to them, these time capsules are just rubbish as they don’t contain anything useful. William Jarvis, a historian specializing in time capsules describes these time capsules as “useless junk.” His view on capsules is that they don’t carry any useful information about the person who buried them. But if he would have seen what this university students and staff have found then this might have changed his views for good.

Significance Of The Dates

That’s not just William who has this opinion about the time capsules, his peers also agree with him. According to them, the time capsules that are discovered should have historical value. There are other views too around these time capsules says that they have a common feature. Many of the time capsules that are found have a very specific date written over them which signifies that this capsule should be opened only then. But for what purpose? You’ll find out soon.