Not An Easy Work

There is something that we can all agree on when we talk about raising animals. It takes a lot of hard work and persistence to bring up a healthy pet. And so you can just imagine the kind of work you would need to put up if you want to look after a handicapped animal. You could even say it would be double the burden. Taking care of a pet with disabilities would be a tough job. 


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As we all know, most of the times pets do not understand what is best for them. There is always a need for them to be under supervision and guidance. There are so much time and patience needed to properly bring up a young animal. It would have been difficult for Lou to handle Nubby all alone. But it was lucky as Lou had her husband, Mark who equally adored the puppy.

A Grain Of Hope

Lou and Mark have always shared a love for animals. So when they took in the disable puppy, they knew exactly what to do with him. The couple initiated the caring by bottle-feeding the little puppy as it was the only way to feed Nubby without getting them into his lungs and resulting in an aspiration pneumonia.

Getting Better

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The couple knew what they had signed up for so although it was a tedious work, they were up for it. Since they loved animals so much, it was not hard for them to look after little Nubby although it was a big struggle. And even though this was an extremely tough work, Nubby showed signs of getting better as each day passed. It was clear that the couple was doing the right thing.

Some Progress

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And as each day passed, it was evident that the pup was getting better. He was happy and as healthy as he could ever be. “Day three came and went, day seven, day 10, day 16 and Nubby thrived. He thrived! His eyes opened, his ears developed, he found his sounds, smells, and voice,” Lou revealed as she spoke about their precious disabled pup.

A U-Turn

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As Nubby was progressing in his life, it was such a lovely feeling for Lou and Mark as they wanted nothing but for the pup to have a future. His disability did not hamper his well being. Lou and Mark had worked really hard to make sure he was fine and he seemed fine too. But unexpectedly something really bad happened. It was worse that the couple had anticipated…