Alone in the house, he was enjoying his day. Snow has already covered the house and going out wasn’t something he wanted to do. He lit up the fireplace to make the room warm, covered in his favorite blanket he lay down on the sofa that was some feet away from the fireplace. He could see the snow from the window of his house that made the outer environment beautiful. As they say, God is the most beautiful artist, the outside of his house was looking extremely beautiful. His coffee mug was almost finished and he wanted more but the warmth inside the blanket didn’t allow him to move out. Both the sofa and him were now comfortable with each other.

He kept staring outside until his eyes were tired enough to make him sleep. He was almost in the first phase of sleep taking over him when his ears alarmed him to something. Ignoring the sound he didn’t open his eyes because that would break the sleep. But then after a few minutes, he heard the same noise and this time it was much louder. Alarmed he sat on his sofa, looking around the house he saw nothing but the sound struck his ears again and even much louder this time. The moment he found the origin of the sound he was taken aback and no words came out of his mouth. What happened? You’ll find out soon.

Wilderness Is Shrinking

Even Though The Wilderness Is Shrinking, It's Still Huge

It took over 200,000 years for us human to reach a population of 1 billion and some 200 years to reach 7.7 billion. You can imagine the pace at which the human population has grown. Today, human civilization could be found in every corner of this world. We have touched those grounds where the animal has control. These untamed lands filled with diverse wildlife are now being controlled by humans, but when a wild animal decides to cross that border between a human and the wild, things become pretty interesting and terrifying at the same point. The same happened with this man whose door was knocked by a wild animal which shocked him to the core.

Describe The Wild

The term “wilderness” is normally described as an uninhabited, and an inhospitable land area filled with all kind of animal species. This term is derived from Old English meaning “land inhabited by wild animals.” Only a few decades ago almost 50 percent of the Earth’s land was recognized wilderness and today it is just 23 percent. So, when a wild animal knocks at our door we shouldn’t be surprised as it was us who knocked at their first. But this story was amazing because what happened when he saw who this wild animal was and what came next stunned him and, everybody.

Unusual Day

He was enjoying his afternoon nap when he heard some noises outside his house. Alarmed, he wore his slippers to see who this stranger was. When you are alone in the house and something like this happens we become extra cautious because we aren’t aware of the situation. Even this guy was terrified when these noises started to become louder. What happened next would shock the hell out of you as it did for him.

The Massive Taiga Forest

The Massive Taiga Forest

The Taiga is the superabundant forest that covers exactly all the northern hemisphere. This is so huge that it covers Russia, Scandinavia, Northern Japan, and the Arctic Circle. The forest also several parts of Canada and the northern United States. In fact, the largest state is almost grasped by the Taiga. 

A Frozen Jungle

The Last Frontier Is Like A Frozen Jungle

Alaska is entirely covered by the Taiga, filled with spruces, pine trees, cedars, and hemlocks that cover 10.9 million acres of land. For most of the flora it becomes very difficult to survive the harsh climate of the Taiga, but because the surroundings are filled with lichens and moss, the “needle-leaf” trees rule the area. Even in summer, temperatures could fall to 20 degrees, but nothing can beat -65 degree in winters. Regardless of these extreme conditions, the wildlife in the Taiga is still thriving.

Wild Things Roam Here

Many of us think that Alaska is covered with snow for the whole year, but that’s not true. Snow could be found in winter season but when winters come to end this place can experience pretty mild temperatures. This is the time you can see 32 different carnivore species in play. Alaska is the only state that has this huge number of species found in one place. Other than Wolves, brown bears, coyotes, and wolverines. But there is one particular creature that is only found in this area.