Years Of Neglect

18 Many years had passed since this place had not been used, there was a lot of work that needed to be done to clean up the whole place. If John had to do this work all alone, it would have probably taken him days to finish. But, since he had included his friends in this journey towards uncovering the mystery in his backyard, he saved a lot of time.

The Boyz Are Back In Town

19 The group of friends spent some time cleaning up the entrance of this mysterious place and epoxied the rebar as a safety measure. They really needed to do this as there was a huge potential for getting injured or meeting with an accident when they enter. It would be unfortunate if any of them met with an accident because they did not take precautions.

Blood, Sweat, Tears

20 Since there were so many things piling up all those years, this was nothing short of a tiring task and a very time-consuming one. Since John and his mates were so intrigued by what they could hopefully uncover inside, they did not stop until they could freely explore the place. The intense pain and labor were not even slowing them down. They actually grew more excited…

A Wooden Frame

21 They started by putting some concrete then went on to secure the rebar, it was finally time to secure the outer part of the shelter as well. They had to build a wooden frame in order to see this through. Their excitement was growing each moment as they became more certain that they would be able to explore the site without having to worry about meeting with an accident or injury.

Whistle While You Work

22 As we have mentioned earlier, there had been a lot of things that the men had to accomplish and one of the most tedious work was to form and pour the concrete. The amount of work that was needed would equate to the amount used to build the structure. They guys did not even complain and worked hard keeping in mind the goal at the end.

All In A Day’s Work

23 The men made use of a Sonotube cardboard form so as to protect the interior of the hidden stairway’s entrance. This was important because if the entrance collapsed, they would have to start all over. The men wanted to make sure that they did not destroy anything that the site originally had when the time would come to explore the inside.