Out With The Old

13 John had to clean up the mess on the shelter and the staircase before he could walk inside. He would be able to hopefully discover other things in the rubble. He was sure that if restored, this place could be flipped into the perfect man cave. However, in order to be sure, John would have to fully explore what lay inside this place before jumping to these conclusions.

Intense Labour

14 Sine the pile of dirt and debris was a lot, it was going to take a lot more than just a few minutes for John to be able to freely enter the place. He was going to have to put in a lot of work in order to get clear the passage for him to navigate the inside. John had no intentions of stopping now as he had done so much. Nothing was going to stop him from finding out what lay inside.

Not At All Safe Since the staircase was covered with loads of rust, the pile of dirt was not the only thing restricting John from doing what he wanted. Since rust can lead to structure breaking off easily, there was a risk that John was under, as he could fall and injure himself on these stairs. Even though he wanted to enter the place immediately, John knew he had to take the necessary precautions first.

Cleared The Pile…

15 After hours upon hours of cleaning, John was finally able to see the insides of the stairway clearly and freely. After doing all of his cleanings, he could now stop worrying about falling or tripping as it was all clean and clear now. However, there was something that John had to do before he could enter the hidden place with no worries. Then what was this?

Called For Help

16 What John did was include his other mates to help him to not just renovate but explore the “shelter” completely. Just as he was, John’s companions were equally thrilled and excited to see what lay inside this mystery. They were all interested in helping John find a way to the new world deep down in the backyard through the staircase.

Things Speeded Up

17 In order to strengthen it, the group of men worked hard to dig up some more, in and around the entrance. They took up a very long time to nicely dig up the hidden mystery to make sure that they did not risk their lives if they were to explore the insides without any threat. They used up some concrete and did some rebuilding, making it look fairly new…