They say that the universe always rewards a good deed. Whenever there is someone in need of some help, if you put your needs aside and help them, there is a huge chance you will receive something in return as well. There have been countless incidents wherein people have done some good towards a stranger or someone they know who needs their help. This story is one such incident where a lady receives something so unbelievable after she helps a random stranger out…

Random Meeting
Random Encounter

The way this caretaker took care of his mother left everyone in shock. She was going above and beyond her duties to make sure she was fine. After hearing so much about this wonderful woman, he needed to meet her. When the two met, the story she told him, moved him to tears. He then had a good look at her, then he realized something. Then he suddenly remembered an incident he went through years ago.

A Unique Woman
She Was Unique

The fear of being hurt or betrayed has made many of us unable to open up to so many people. As a youngster, it is common to be trusting towards someone until they show disloyalty or toxic nature. However, as we grow up, we get to see that some people are evil and this changes our minds. But there are a few who stay kind and positive. This kind of people should serve as an example or an inspiration for all of us.

Meet Tunde Hector
Her Name Is Tunde Hector

The woman whom the whole family has been constantly complimenting and boasting about is from Bogart, Georgia. She is Tunde Hector and was actually having a tough time in her life as she was recently divorced. She was getting her life back together. She knew that life is not easy, that there are hardships one must face, but her faith in G0d was never shaken. There was indeed a plan from up above for her…

A Divorcee
Life After The Divorce

We all know that a divorce is something difficult to experience. Most people describe it as an emotional rollercoaster that fluctuates in extremes. There is heartache, grief, begging, bargaining, denial and more. People deal with this in different ways and even Tunde had her version. She could not sulk and remain in a sad mindset so she would go out and try to rebuild her life…

Not A Single Penny
Not A Penny To Her Name

Tunde was at the most stressful time in her life. She could not find a decent paying job so as to build her life over but she was nevertheless determined to do so. It was going to get even more difficult before it got better. She did not have a bachelor’s degree but had a job as a nurse aide at a hospice. She enjoys helping others so this was an enjoyable job for her. One day it was raining and she had only $5 in her pocket. She was driving and what she had was not enough gas money. Someone was, fortunately, watching Tunde.

A Lost Woman
She Was Lost

Tunde was having such a hard time financially that it scared her to death. She wanted to remain positive but found it hard. She was indeed lost. The bills were piling up and nothing she did seemed to help. Tunde was in such a mess that she felt like giving up some days. But soon, something amazing happened with the help of a kind stranger who did something she never expected…