Life is full of mysteries. We go through so many emotions and experiences as humans. We have happy memories, we have sad memories and some secrets that we share with none. Here is a man who had kept mum about a secret of his that would go on to make national headlines! Up until a young man looked through the history books. His story even involved the president of the country and the ordinary-looking janitor had indeed lived a life fit for a storybook or a feature film…

Just Another Janitor

William “Bill” Crawford worked as a janitor at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. He was a man who was acknowledged by some, not given the time of the day by a few too. He would spend his days going around the academy, doing his job, cleaning and wiping dirt, making sure the whole institute was spic and span. He was taking care of the mess or residues of the 100 young cadets staying there. He was not a man of many words so his presence was not something you would feel even if you found him in the same room as yourself.

A Silent Worker

The janitor was very good at his job. Even though he had started working for years at the academy he is not someone that is noticeable. A handful of cadets would often greet him while the rest just ignore him. But why would they notice him? They did not know who he really was… He would go about his day, cleaning or fixing anything in the premises of the academy. “Mr. Crawford” was a man holding so much mystery but leading a very discreet lifestyle. His past was about to shock the whole academy and many more when they least expected it…

Odd One

Even his appearance was something that really helped him conceal his true identity. He had a set of grey hair covering his head so maybe that is why the young cadets never looked at him as approachable. He had aged a bit so his face was covered in wrinkles which would definitely make the youngsters stay away from him. So why would anyone give their time of day to an old washed-up janitor? He had a crooked smile that made him even more out of place in the academy full of fit and active young cadets.

Mysterious Presence

Crawford comes from Pueblo, Colorado and was born there in 1918. Since his early days were quite hectic, he decided that his job post-retirement would be a calm and easy one. So he decided to take up a job as a janitor. He never disclosed the work that he did prior to taking this job at his new place of work. No one knew where this new janitor had come from nor did they ask. Publications later wrote about him describing him as “an old man working in a young person’s world.”

A Fly On The Wall

Col. James Moschgat, a retired Air Force personnel was a cadet at the academy when he first encountered janitor. He described Mr. Crawford as someone truly introverted and to himself. There was a gap between the cadet and the janitor because of their huge age difference so they never became friendly. Moschgat explains, “The Academy, one of our nation’s premier leadership laboratories, kept us busy from dawn till dusk. And Mr. Crawford … well, he was just a janitor.” Then, Mr. Moschgat had no idea how big of a secret his dear old janitor was keeping from everyone.

Extraordinarily Ordinary

Just because something seems ordinary it does not necessarily mean that they are. Crawford was someone who seemed to be a typical janitor but was quite the exception deep down. He only took up this job to add something to his pension. There was barely anyone who actually knew Mr. Crawford’s full name. Even though he was an enigma, the fact that he was good at his job was something no one could argue with. He was diligent and serious in whatever he was tasked with. But why did he keep a huge secret?