The Mischief

There’s not a single bone of envy in Storm, the dog gets along pretty well with the fostered puppies that Mark brings to his place every now and then. In fact, he’s often a plaything for the puppies. They would climb over him, would nip his ears, and what not but Storm always remained calm, unlike his name.

The Adopted One

Unlike Storm, Sarah wasn’t always the part of Mark’s little family. It was after when it came to Mark’s knowledge through the animal rescue service he had volunteered for. Sarah was abandoned by her former owner and was in an awful condition when she was first discovered. The poor dog had been starving for days, fighting the harsh winters before ending up in Mark’s family.

Stop Trying To Make Fetch Happen

Mark thought it would be cool if his dogs had a couple of tricks up their sleeves. After Sarah’s adoption, Storm now had a buddy, and Mark decided to teach both of the doggos some fetching skills. While Sarah was catching up quickly, Storm didn’t seem to be too excited about it. It wasn’t just his dislike for the frisbee, he also denied to fetch the sticks and balls that Mark threw at him. Perhaps it was just not his thing but the golden retriever’s instinct would kick in when Mark least expected it.

Stroll Along The Beach

It was obvious that fetching wasn’t his thing but Storm certainly loved taking strolls around his favorite place, the Port Jefferson Harbor which was only a few steps away from Mark’s place. Mark believed that his dogs loved this route because of the eye-catching visual of boats sailing at the harbor, moving in and out, a sight that the dogs found quite amusing. Mark is a busy man and it is not possible for him to walk his dogs there on daily basis, however, he always makes sure to do this on weekends. Their weekend thing would soon take an unexpected turn.

One Fateful Afternoon

It was scorching hot and the sun was sucking the life out of everyone but then what else to expect when it’s mid-July. However, it wasn’t enough to stop Sarah and Storm from taking a stroll and the strong breeze helped them in staying fresh and rejuvenated. Like usual, they walked through the same path and admired the waves while rolling and playing on the beach. It was much like any other day in their lives, little did they know that they’re about to become remarkable.

Storm In The Water

Storm, the golden retriever, was one heck of a swimmer and loved taking dips at the Port Jefferson Harbor, New York. On weekends, their stroll would often end up with a swimming extravaganza with Mark often filming his golden retriever. However, this time was a bit strange. While Storm was at it, he soon started acting up weird that made Mark wonder and he decided to take a look so as to figure out what exactly was up with his dog.