An Unusual Object

Li was inspecting the last tree of the orchard, he was amazed to see something lying at the foot of that tree which was looking was very strange. What could it be? He was afraid to touch it and kept his distance from it. His eyes were glued to that thing as if nothing else matters in the world to them. That thing was looking like it is made by some man but little he knew there is more to it.

Cultural Artifact?

Being unaware of the thing Li thought he has found a medallion or some kind of a pendant that might be from some dynasty or something. It was black and round in shape and Li was sure that he hasn’t seen anything like this before. The outer of that thing seemed as if it is made from wood but soon he found out the true identity of this astonishing thing which kept staring back at him.

Not A Big Deal

The land of China is full of surprises and finding some artifacts when you aren’t even expecting to find one is very normal there. Prior to Li’s discovery people have found all sort of things that date back to centuries belonging to some dynasties. Even Li was sure that thing lying at the foot of the tree is some kind of artifact. But as he moved closer, he saw some strange carvings on it and surprisingly they looked very different and unknown to his knowledge. Soon every question would be answered and would leave you shocked.

Who Did That?

What’s more astonishing to Li was the place on which the object was kept. It seemed like someone kept it there on purpose as if that person wanted Li to see it. But Li has been in this place before but he never saw this object then. So, how come this thing suddenly appeared in front of him. Was it a person or some animal who kept it here?

Worth A Penny?

It was very natural of Li to think about the object’s worth. The object was very different and new to him. The carvings on its body were giving it a very unusual look. He was hoping the relic to be a precious one so that he can fetch a good amount for it in the market. Li moved closer to the object and was determined to inspect it even further. Then he found out what that thing really was. You’ll be shocked to know the truth behind the object just like Li was when he first got to know about it.

 The Qin Kingdom

The Qin dynasty was the first dynasty that ruled China from 221 to 206 BC. And the probability of this object to be from this dynasty was very a close bet. The Pujiang County’s history goes back to 2,500 years which was ruled by the Qin dynasty. So could this object be really from the Qin dynasty? Li was very excited to find out its true origin and when he did, was shocked to see that it was something else entirely and more unbelievable.