With each passing year, the crime rates have gone higher and higher. Thieves are always finding opportunities to steal anything and everything that they can and make money out of things that they never owned themselves.

New Mexico is the one of the least safe states to live in, and this couple who was on a long journey was troubled by the crime of stealing. They were surprised by the theft of their car, but the thieves were more surprised than the couple themselves, once they got to know what they had stolen. They were at a loss of words and unable to comprehend what they had  seen inside the trailer attached to the car.

Long Journey

A couple from Oklahoma was traveling on a long route with a U-Haul attached to their car. They were in New Mexico and were to travel to Kirtland. Since the journey was to be a long one, the couple decided to take a halt. 

Biggest Mistake

The couple thought it would be fit to make a stop in Albuquerque overnight and then resume the journey in the morning. But this decision was going to be the biggest mistake and they would be regretting it very soon.


The couple parked their SUV and the U-Haul outside a New Mexico hotel named the Residence Inn and rented a room for the night to catch on some sleep before resuming their journey. When they were in deep sleep tucked in their respective beds, someone was planning trouble for them. 

Long Night

The night was two-ways. It was a short night for the couple who had a deep sleep after a tiresome day and had no knowledge of time. But for the group of thieves who had planned on stealing the couple’s car and U-Haul, it was a very long night. 


The robbers had agreed upon taking the U-Haul and the SUV because they had anticipated some costly and valuable items inside the U-Haul. They had planned on stealing the stuff and selling it in a local market to earn money. But what they were going to get was unimaginable. 


The anticipation of the robbers was soon going to go all in vain and the night would prove to be one of the worst nights for each of them. After they would find out what the U-Haul actually had inside it, they would regret stealing it for the rest of their lives.