Help Weight Loss

Want to get rid of those hanging stubborn fat cells? Also, want to have a relishing meal? Then include egg recipes in your meal pattern. Eggs are low on carbohydrate and fat content and provide just 1 g of carb and 5 g fat per a 50 g serving. That’s almost negligible. The next time your dietitian asks you for a low carb diet, just binge eat eggs. Since they are rich in protein they help in protein sparing action i.e; they act as carbs in the body when needed. They satisfy your hunger urge and can be fulfilling exempting you from overeating and munching onto junk.

 Energy Boosting Foods

Have a growing graph for your energy levels with eggs. Tiredness takes back seat with this healthy food. Eggs are a stable source of energy and are high on protein. Protein sparing action provides us with a feeling of a fuller stomach and lends satiety. Consuming two eggs a day especially for breakfast keeps you full for a longer duration and curbs your urge of hunger. This keeps you motivated and fatigue free as proteins and other vitamins and minerals like thiamin, riboflavin, cobalamin and selenium along with Vitamin E contributes to energy production.

 Stronger Immunity Benefits

Two eggs in your dish and you are good-to-go on fighting those sick cells. Eggs are essentially the best quality proteins along with vitamins and minerals. They are a rich source of trace minerals which have a major role in our immunity. Vitamin D and B12 have auto-immune properties which fight free radicals and disease-causing antibodies providing a stronger and healthier gut.

 Stronger Bones

Want to have bones which are as strong as that of a wrestler? Then bump into just two eggs a day and own those strong hard bones. Bones are all calcium and phosphorus complexes. Our body needs sufficient amount of vitamin D to absorb calcium from the blood and deposit it on to the bones. Vitamin D is enhanced while sitting under the sun and is converted to its active form, rest we don’t have any complexes of Vitamin D in our body. Consuming two eggs a day gives us enough amount of Vitamin D which can refine our bone health.

 Sharpens Your Memory

Are you facing issues remembering things? You feel like adding on reminders on your phone often than before? Choline is a protein responsible for a healthy brain and the nervous system. It is found in a good amount in the egg yolk. It has a major role to play in brain development and function. Eating two eggs a day will spare you from the risks associated with the brain like Alzheimer and short-term memory losses or the poor cognitive capacities. Sharpen your mental abilities by adding this superfood to your diet.

 Master That Masculinity

Gymming is more fun with two eggs than the tangy protein shakes. The most trending thing we hear these days is the intake of protein shakes by youngsters to get that perfect masculine physique. Well, eat those eggs and bodybuilding is easy. All these protein shakes available in the market are amino acid formulas but why have artificially infused acids when you can munch on eggs which provide you with best bio-available nutrients serving the same purpose? Protein builds muscle mass when eaten in the correct ratio with carbohydrates.