A Risk Not Taken

Jaqi did sign up her daughters with a model agency but once she got out there she was bombarded by a number of scouts and agents to sign up her babies for various companies. Jaqi was finding it all hard to manage. She said, “It was hard enough to get out of the door most days so my attempt back then was short lived and I decided it just wasn’t the time.” So what was the family going to do?

It Is A No

The first attempt at modeling had opened Jaqi’s eyes. Her daughters were getting a lot of unwanted attention even though she knew in her heart that their beauty was unmatched she started wondering if modeling was the right career choice at such a young age. She did not want any negative impacts on her daughters. 

Too Demanding

The girls were so young and having experienced what it would be like to have them model at such an early stage, Jaqi realized that keeping her daughters picture perfect and taking care of the entire family was not possible. They were infants, after all, they should be allowed to grow up naturally without having to be conscious of how they appear. She pulled them out of the agency but things were going to change after a few years. 

Normal Life

Jaqi had realized that it was more important to give her daughters a ‘normal life’ when they were growing up. The world of glamor and model life is obviously enticing but the girls should be allowed to enjoy their childhood. So the Clements family was like a normal family, going on vacations, enjoying their times together but things were going to change soon. 

What’s In Their Heart

A child is not capable enough to make decisions and in taking a decision as serious as that of career it is only right that they should be allowed a say. Jaqi wanted to make sure that Ava and Leah had a say in deciding their futures but the problem was that the Clements daughters were still toddlers and they did not have faculties developed enough to decide what was best for them.

The Right Time?

Kevin and Jaqi often discussed if and when was the correct time to let their daughters model. When was an age old enough for the twins to get into modeling because with their features they were sure to rock that world. They kept deliberating and Ava and Leah were past the age of 6 now. That is when Jaqi decided something…