Baby Cages, Really

This is the most surprising yet, the scary image you will find from history. There was actually a thing like “baby cages”. These were extension cages at the windows of the houses of the aristocrats. They were constructed for the sole purpose of exposing the babies to the sunlight and fresh air during their primitive years. This photograph was taken in the year 1937. Did the people not think about the babies safety and their reaction when exposed to such a cage at a scary height. Thankfully, we have dumped certain things in the name of obsolescence.

Lady With Gas-Resistant Stroller

The United Kingdom was going through a tough phase during the winters of 1938. It was when World War II broke out. People all around were scared. None knew what might come their way the next second. This picture was clicked in London during those times. It portrays a women passing by the streets with a gas-resistant stroller. Just imagine how horrifying the atmosphere must have been that people had to carry such stuff with them. She further wears a gas mask to protect herself. Terror was in the air.

Disneyland Cafeteria

Those animated cartoon characters from the Disneyworld that your children are obsessed with are nothing but of course real. Though they may be seen sitting at a lavish dining table in those animated movies, in reality, they too had to stand in ques at the food section. Disneyland has a special cafeteria for its workers. Right back in 1961 Snow White and Goofy too had to eat at those not-so-lavish dining areas. Little did we know that they didn’t have enough time to come out of those costumes and make-up.

Nuclear Test At Marshall Islands

Back in the year 1954, March, the 15-megatonne nuclear test took place at the Marshall Islands. The intensity of the event was said to be a thousand times more powerful than the atomic bomb drop at the Hiroshima. This photograph is the first shot, post the WWII nuclear test- Operation Crossroads there. It exposed thousands of inhabitants of the island to radioactive compounds.

Making Of The Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall has its own set of history. Not many people are aware that the German Democratic Republic only got it built to separate East Germany with the West Berlin. This photograph was captured during the construction of the wall in 1961, where the Eastern side was working on constructing the wall and the western side was left thinking about what was going on.

André The Giant

This picture is quite an adorable one. This little boy is totally awestruck on seeing the very tall or giant André. Anyone who came across André had a similar reaction. He was 7 feet 4 inches tall. The boy appears to be an even tiny one in front of this huge fellow. However, his expressions are way too cute.