If you have never heard of Alcatraz, there is a chance you are living under a rock. This was once the most dreadful place a person could be on this earth. There was allegedly no means to escape this place. At least 36 people have unsuccessfully attempted to make an escape from Alcatraz. One fine day in June of 1962, history was made. 3 men made their way out from the San Francisco Bay on their journey towards escaping “The Rock”. No one knew their whereabouts until January 2018 when the FBI had to re-open their investigation. Read about the details of how this impossible escape was made by the 3 inmates…

Message From John Anglin

alcatraz letter

It was like any other day at work at the San Francisco Police Department. But they soon received a very intriguing letter this day. “My name is John Anglin. I escaped from Alcatraz in June 1962 with my brother Clarence and Frank Morris,” read the mysterious letter. The escape from Alcatraz was one of the most puzzling and intriguing incidents too ever take place in American history. The police claimed that the men died due to the icy waters so was this all a lie?

The Letter


This escape left officials perplexed for decades since they did not know how it was managed. However, their questions would soon be answered on that fateful night as the sender claims to be able to reveal everything. So was this all a lie or just another practical joke? The letter fell into the hands of the San  Francisco Police Department in 2013 but remained disclosed for years. Apparently, the police needed more evidence for the Federal Bureau of Investigations to re-open its investigation in January 2018.

Impossible Escape


Alcatraz was infamous for being one of the most menacing prisons until it was closed in the year 1963. The maximum-security prison had been carefully planned to strip away the most notorious criminals away from the rest of society. Many Alcatraz prisoners failed to escape the 29 years of prison because it was a maximum-security prison. This was the tightest security system in those days, so how was the procedure handled?



The escape plan was actually rather simple. An entire team would need to coordinate in order to pull off any means of escape. There had been several inmates that attempted to break off from this hellhole. How was their plan different from all the rest that had failed to escape? In the past, there had been 23 who were caught, six who had been shot dead, two who drowned and two others who were deemed “missing or presumed drowned.”

So It Began


The guys who designed the escape plan were brothers John and Clarence Anglin, Frank Lee Morris, and Allen West. The four men were placed in adjacent cells there at the Alcatraz prison and had quite a lot of time to make a master plan. Also, John and Clarence Anglin were well acquainted with Lee Morris from their prison time in Atlanta. Now at Alcatraz, they were going to have to use all the resources and brainstorm together.

Frank Lee Morris


Frank Lee Morris, a criminal mastermind had already escaped from prison in the past. He was highly intelligent and a very clever guy. By age 11, he was orphaned and was passed on from one foster home to another. Soon he learned how to take care of himself. Morris was first arrested at the tender age of 13. He was truly destined to do something great. In fact, he would become the mastermind and the ringleader behind the Great Escape from Alcatraz.