A lot of people bring pet animals into their families hoping these pets would make their lives more joyful but there are times when the owner fails to take proper care of them. The worst consequence to which is that these animals are often abandoned by their owners and are left to live on their own. Situations like these can heavily affect these pets both physically as well as psychologically. The same thing happened with a pooch named Radar who was dumped by his very owner at a shelter when the dog needed him the most. But the worst part was that the man lied about Radar’s situation so he could easily leave the dog behind and run for the hills. What did the man say and why did he abandon his dog? Let’s read the story through and find out.

Sad Story

Many people may find the story of this pooch extremely heartbreaking and it indeed is. Unfortunately, Radar had to experience an event in his life that no pet should ever go through. Any pet animal is usually the closest to their respective owners and looks up to them as someone who’ll adore them and take care of them when tough times comes. I know a lot of people who take pride in owning a pet and treat these creatures as their family but not everyone has the same heart. However, those reading this story will learn that even an abandoned dog’s fate can be averted and change his life.

Radar Is Abandoned

It all began when an anonymous man stopped by a shelter to leave behind a miserable puppy. As it transpired the puppy’s name was Radar. When the man was asked about his actions and why he would pet a dog in the first place if he ultimately wanted to abandon the poor creature, he came up with the silliest explanation. An excuse that got on everyone’s nerves…

Sick And Old

Radar’s owner told the volunteers present at the shelter that his pooch was almost 20-years-old and he was too old so it was better to put him away as the dog had been sick for long. The staff was stunned to hear this as there was not a single sign of stress on the owner’s face while he talked about putting his dog to death. Everyone tends to have a different psychological reaction to a situation but the tone in this man’s voice was as if he didn’t care at all and what happened next made this assumption more certain.

Easy Way Out

The staff at the shelter were still contemplating what to do next but they were baffled by what happened in the next moment. Just when they were thinking about offering free treatment to the pooch, the staff at the shelter didn’t even get a chance to commence a full body checkup as the man did something that stunned every individual present there.

Not Saying Goodbye

Only a minute later, when the staff at the shelter was busy making an effort to somehow contact a vet to get the dog checked up, the man absconded without anyone knowing. He simply let his pet behind because he had turned sick and old. No matter what his reasons were as there was no justification for his actions. How could he leave his pet dog alone to suffer when he needed him the most. But the volunteers couldn’t simply sit back and watch and they did what best suited the situation.

Calling A Specialist

The staff at the shelter wanted to help the little pooch but given the medical condition, Radar was in and also the fact how little they knew about him made things a bit difficult for them. They couldn’t just do anything they wanted and later regret the consequences of it. It was when they decided to seek expert’s help who would know better about what to do in such a situation and that was when they got in touch with the Animal Justice League.